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The Maternity Hospital of Krasnodar of the Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar Territory invites patients from near and far abroad to use medical services for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, pregnancy and childbirth on a contractual, contractual and paid basis in accordance with the attached price list.

The medical facility is located at the address: Krasnodar, Komsomolskaya str., 44. Postal code 350063 / Phones: (861) 267-38-40 (contract department) / tel / fax: (861) 268-46-92 (reception of the chief physician)

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The state budget healthcare institution Maternity Hospital of Krasnodar occupies one of the leading positions in providing planned and emergency obstetric and gynecological care to patients both in the hospital and in outpatient settings in women's consultations 1, 2, 4, 7. As part of the GBUZ Maternity Hospital: obstetric and gynecological hospital with 180 beds at 44 Komsomolskaya Street, operating since 1961; obstetric hospital at 44 Komsomolskaya Street. Sedina, 50 by 50 beds, where births have been accepted since 1903. Both buildings are Architectural monuments of Krasnodar. In obstetric hospitals, 6,000-7,000 newborns are born every year, and in the gynecological department, up to 1,500 small and more than 500 large operations are performed, including modern endoscopic techniques, plastic surgery.

Women's clinics serve more than 250 thousand women in Krasnodar, including 155 thousand women of childbearing age.

All departments are staffed by highly qualified personnel with extensive knowledge and practical skills, including professors, doctors and candidates of medical sciences, Honored doctors of Kuban.

Specialists of the Maternity Hospital of Krasnodar provide professional assistance in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

The maternity ward is equipped with fetal and cardiac monitors, oxygen and anesthesia machines, heated changing tables, electronic scales, and an ultrasound diagnostic device. Delivery management is carried out by a team of qualified specialists: 3 obstetricians-gynecologists, 2 anesthesiologists-resuscitators, a neonatologist, an ultrasound doctor. For medical reasons, modern methods of anesthesia are used in childbirth, including spinal and epidural anesthesia.

After birth, the baby is placed on the mother's stomach, applied to the breast. The mother has the opportunity to take the child in her arms in the first minutes of life. The umbilical cord intersects after the pulsation stops. In the case of a complicated course of labor, the impossibility of giving birth naturally or with the threat of a serious condition of the fetus, the most modern technology of cesarean section surgery is performed, which is brilliantly mastered by all obstetricians and gynecologists of the maternity hospital.

Of great importance are the conditions of stay in the maternity hospital: attentive, caring staff, joint stay of mother and child, the opportunity to communicate with relatives, support for breastfeeding by all employees and a consultant.

The advantage of giving birth in our maternity hospital:

  • Medical and laboratory monitoring of the condition of mothers and newborns.
  • Monitoring of the fetal condition.
  • Intrauterine diagnosis of fetal weight, its condition, readiness for natural childbirth, diagnosis of congenital malformations of the fetus.
  • Mandatory presence of a neonatologist at birth.

If necessary, newborns are assisted in intensive care wards with the use of artificial lung ventilation devices under constant monitoring. The most modern methods of treatment of newborns, including premature babies, are used.

Since 2004, the Maternity Hospital has been certified by WHO and UNICEF as a "child-friendly hospital". In 2009, the Maternity hospital was among the winners of the national competition "Best Maternity hospitals of the Russian Federation".


Medical care for foreign citizens temporarily staying or permanently residing in Russia is provided in the State Medical Institution "Maternity Hospital of Krasnodar" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 06.03.2016 No. 186 "On approval of the rules for providing medical care to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation".

The State Medical Institution "Maternity Hospital of Krasnodar" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation provides free specialized, including high-tech medical care within the framework of mandatory medical insurance.

Paid services are provided within the framework of voluntary medical insurance (VHI), or when citizens independently apply to the department for the provision of paid medical services, such as: specialist consultations, laboratory and instrumental methods of examination, treatment in a hospital, delivery. All patients are required to sign a contract for the provision of paid medical services.

Without an MHI medical policy:

Emergency medical care is provided free of charge both in the hospital and on the outpatient stage, until the threat to the patient's life is eliminated and his health condition is stabilized.

Planned inpatient and outpatient medical care for foreign citizens who are not insured in the MHI system is provided in accordance with voluntary medical insurance contracts (VHI) or on a contractual basis under contracts for the provision of paid medical services.


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